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The First Photo App for the iPad to Use Metadata and Original Resolution

1 September 2010 No Comment

First Photo App for iPad to Use Metadata and Original ResolutionAs far as we know, App Store lacked an iPad Photo app able to use metadata information from photographs for searches and various other chores.

Sort Shots – iPad Edition 2.0 from Today Beanheads Consulting Inc. closes the hole.

The app allows users to import images via iTunes while retaining previously assigned metadata keywords and ratings, so users can simply tap on desired search criteria to find photos instantly.

Tags and ratings asseigned to images in Sort Shots can be exported and used by some desktop applications like Photoshop Bridge and Lightroom from Adobe, Apple iPhoto and Aperture, Microsoft Photo Gallery, and Nikon Capture NX2, at various degrees of compatibility.

Sort Shots 2.0 retains the original image resolutions and has an option to choose between viewing either the original image or an optimized version.

Sort Shots – iPad Edition 2.0 is US$ 4.99 (€ 3.99).


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