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TUAW Shows the Best Clocks for the iPad

28 September 2010 2 Comments

The Best Clock App for the iPadThe best roundup of iPad clock apps seen as of today comes from The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Their best clock apps are Night Stand HD, Clock Pro HD, Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock, LCARS Clock for iPad, News Clocks, Math Clock, and BCD and Binary Clock.

Prices are modest, ranging from US$ 0.99 to 5.99, and performances are stunning. We’re amazaed by the equational display of Math Clock, thrilled by the Star Trek look and feel of LCARS, amused by the variety of controls available in Clock Pro HD, and pleased by the Westminster Chimes, in case we’re using News Clocks. [I feel that playing chimes every fifteen minutes don’t add up to my pleasure, though.—Ed.]

UPDATE: Tod, developer of News Clocks, points out that chimes are optional and can be turned off if so you decide. App’s settings are way more articulated than that and allow to change several aspects of News Clocks. [Did I say that News Clocks is my favourite iPad clock?—Ed.]

There’s still a bit of inconvenience when playing a clock app on the iPad, because of lack of multitasking; if we set up an alarm, cannot close the clock app, or the alarm won’t activate. And iPad must be in sleep mode or turned on, otherwise no alarm can’t be heard.

Anyway it’s just a matter of a short time and we already feel that time in Fall in which iOS 4.2 will warm our hearts! [and whiten my ski slopes.—Ed.]

[via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]



  • Tod said:

    Hi, I’m the developer of News Clocks. I just wanted to mention that the chimes are optional, and you can turn them off (and change other things) in Settings.

  • Lvcvis said:

    Hi Tod and thanks for showing! We’re going to edit the post and add your remarks before dawn. By the way, kudos for News Clocks. :-)

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