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Flipboard app for iPhone: social media browsing easy on iPhone too – at last!

7 December 2011 2 Comments

In July we wrote about Flipboard for iPad and this social media aggregator has become huge since then.

Today, Flipboard becomes available for iPhone and with a stable release too!

A new personalized-reading app for the iPhone is being launched by Flipboard, the design-centric company that led the customized-news charge with its app for iPad.

News can be rapidly browsed with a thumb flick from the hand holding the iPhone, like a digital Rolodex.

As you may expect, signing up a (free) account on Flipboard bring the same content, RSS-feeds and windows arrangements and setup on all your iOS devices, be it an iPad or an iPhone so it’s a setup-once and leave it in the cloud process!

It’s the kind of thing you’ll ask yourself how you lived without!

Flipboard for iPhone is available on iTunes for free here!



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