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Quest for Land: Magnum photographer John Vink releases an iPad app for his latest project

19 May 2012 No Comment

As reported by our friends at ThePhotoMaster.com, Quest for Land, is an extensive photo reportage about land issues in Cambodia by John Vink, a Magnum Photos photographer who has been working on these issues over the last 11 years.
And it’s an iPad app too!
The application developed by Robert Starkweather contains over 700 photographs, texts written by Robert Carmichael, links to reports by various NGO’s and slideshows with sound.

As Vink said in an interview:

I am interested in the digital aspects of photography since over 15 years, when I first started scanning prints and tried to build a database on my Mac. My first digital publishing experience was in 1994 with a CD-Rom I put together with my work on refugees. It combined sound with pictures, it had geographical or thematical access to the photographs, captions, story descriptions, a video interview etc… Nearly all the things you would find on an App today minus the tactile interactivity and the fancy user interfaces. CD-Roms were a dead-end though, and the market collapsed some fifteen years ago. The arrival of the iPad seemed to finally give me the opportunity to pick things up where I left them. The portability, packed with multimedia content, a quality screen, and the increased possibility to be involved in the publication process, as well as the incredible public response to the device are great assets. Hopefully its longevity will be better than for CD-Roms.

Available on iTunes at John Vink.
The app retails at $8.99 / £5.99 / €6.99.

[Via ThePhotoMaster.com and John Vink]


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