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iPad 3 hype: 20 MB limit and Home button missing – rumors abound

2 March 2012 No Comment

ipad 3 invitationWith the upcoming iPad 3 event on March 7th, rumors abound on some critical issues that may emerge with the new model.

Shlashgear reports that the Home button may disappear from iPad 3 in favor of some new gestures.
The Home button, one of the very few iPad annoyances, is a long-time doomed feature that may has come to an end.

Apple has long been rumored to be deleting the physical home key, and replacing it with either a combination of gestures or a touch sensitive bezel. The image Apple used for its invite – with the tagline “We have something you really had to see. And touch” – could be a hint that the iPad 3 doesn’t just have a high-resolution “Retina Display” screen but a new use of touch technology as well.

TheNextWeb reports about another problem Apple is facing: the dreaded 20 MB-download-limit for 3G connections that may become insufficient for HD- and Retina-content.

Apple’s iPad 3 is set to launch next week and all signs point to it having a Retina display running at 2048×1536 pixels. This should provide a clearer, sharper image to most users and will display many applications in a fantastic new light, as long as developers have prepared them properly.

But the necessity to include these images may present a problem with the mandatory 20MB file size limit that Apple has imposed on 3G downloads.

In order to do so, they will have to include ‘@2x’ graphics. These are image files that have been quadrupled in pixel count in order to display properly on the newer double-resolution iPad 3 screen. If these images were not included, then many of the apps that use custom graphics, like Tweetbot, or Bjango’s Consume 2, would look ‘blurrier’ than they do on the iPad 2.

[Via Slashgear and TheNextWeb]


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