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The Best Workplace for Getting an iPad Rebate

19 November 2010 No Comment

The Best Workplace to Get a Rebate for Buying an iPadOur search for the dream workplace has landed in Britain, precisely at that curious newspaper for finance moguls and hat-wearing gentlemen from Lombard Street, the Financial Times.

Their CEO, John Ridding, announced that every staff member (hey, 1,800 people) will get a £ 300 (US$ 480) rebate against the purchase of an iPad before June 30th, 2011.

Ridding said the the rebate is either a reward for the good job done on the iPad and an encouragement to get skilled and experienced about tablets.

The free Financial Times app made one million English pounds from ad sales since May launch and had 400,000 users, about 10 percent of new digital subscriptions for the newspaper, said the publisher last month.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times will offer to employees a series of master classes and workshops designed to help them to get the most from their iPads.

Where can we send a résumé? We can drop courses, of course.


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