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The Best iPad Case/Keyboard for Not Using It

6 November 2010 No Comment

Great Case and Great Keyboard. Don't Use ItWe feel it’s our duty to inform about the Crux360 clamshell-keyboard Bluetooth case for the iPad.

The case sports four modes: Laptop Mode, that turns the iPad in a sort of netbook; Movie Mode turns the screen to face the opposite way to the keyboard to watch movies; Tablet Mode flips the screen to lie flat against the back of the keyboard, and Carry Mode, where the screen stays protected inside the case.

The Crux360 feels solid and well engineered. Anyway, we would never consider a device that wants to put a complete keyboard as wide as the iPad screen. It is, simply, not full size and because of this is not as ergonomic as we expect.

The best way to use a physical keyboard with the iPad is an external keyboard. Period. If you feel like giving it a try, however, you can pre-order it for US$ 149.

[via Electronista]


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