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If Games With Falling Pieces Seem Old, Try with Hieroglyps

25 October 2010 No Comment

Play With Hyeroglyphs as They Fall, Sort of Rise and Fall of PharaohsMoonchaser Software is announcing the release and immediate availability of Cartouche HD 1.0.1 for iPad.

Your mind will be challenged to arrange columns of hieroglyphs (glyphs) into lines of three or more.

Once completed, the lines of glyphs will disappear and the remaining glyphs will fall under gravity, and may create new lines. [If a three falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?—Ed.]

As the game progresses, the speed of descent for new columns increases.

Nothing new, many will think. Hieroglyphs are quite old, in fact, and same applies to many good ways to have fun and relax your mind.

Cartouche HD 1.0.1 for iPad is US$ 2.99, € 2.39.

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