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Great Italian Pianist, a New Programming Language and a Lesson from iPad Users

9 October 2010 No Comment

How to Look on the iPad Alessio Nanni's Visual and Audio PerformanceAlessio Nanni is a young and talented [and handsome too, says my fiancée, ‘the very opposite of you’.—Ed.] Italian pianist.

His last experiment puts music and sound together, recalling Wassily Kandinsky or Jean-Michel Jarre. It’s called Synaesthesia and is based on his own programming language, created to associate colors and shapes to sound.

Don’t point your iPad to Alessio’s site though: the performance is available only through Flash.

It comes out anyway that Flash is just a wrapper for a Vimeo movie, freely enjoyable on the iPad.

Truly a lesson to be learned and that we, iPad users, can teach. And, look at the ATTENTION NOTICE: Switching from Flash Player to HTML5 player is strongly recomended in order to avoid any frame-drop in the faster visual section.

This alone speaks volumes, not necessarily e-books.

Please watch Alessio’s performance fullscreen to fully enjoy it.


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