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85 Years Worth Digital Archive of the New Yorker Eventually Available from Safari on the iPad

30 August 2010 No Comment

The New Yorker Digital Edition Is Compatible with Safari on the iPad NowGreat news from a more-than-traditional journalism trench—the venerable New Yorker.

The New Yorker Digital Edition was previously incompatible with Safari running on the iPad, and it was a shame, since the Digital Edition allows access to 85 years of old New Yorker issues, other than showing recent and current issues, of course.

Now things have changed for the better: the Digital Edition automatically recognizes requests coming from an iPad and serves an optimized version of the site.

Portrait iPads show single pages, and landscape ones show spreads; you can double-tap to zoom and scroll around the pages. A single tap brings up controls for settings, thumbnails, and more.

So, the New Yorker brang something new up for viewing even its oldest issues. Now they need to update their FAQs, where it’s still told people to wait for the very same iPad version they just stopped to visit. :-)

Just joking; kudos instead to the New Yorker for give their archives to readers with an iPad too. Just remember, for a while, to register for digital access from a desktop browser. This, too, will soon change for the better.

[via Macworld]


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