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Intel Suffers the iPad effect and Its Stock Stagnates

13 August 2010 No Comment

Intel Suffers the iPad Effect and Its Stock StagnatesAccording to Barclay Capital, iPad is cannibalizing sales of PCs and netbooks, as anticipated by many… but not Apple ones.

Since beginning of April, after the iPad came to Earth, the stocks of Apple and Intel began to diverge. Apple is up 23 percent from January 2010, while Intel oscillates around the zero mark.

iPad uses a chip designed by Apple, called A4, that does not come from Intel.

“The iPad’s tablet momentum has pressured the broader netbook and lower-end notebook arena,” wrote Tim Luke, semiconductor analyst for Barclays.

You can expect more anticompetitive tactics from Intel now, like giving later Intel chips to Apple for their Macs or so. Those guys just don’t know the meaning of the word fairness.

[via CNBC]


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