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Rupert Murdoch Really Likes iPad but Still Loves MySpace too

7 August 2010 No Comment

Murdoch really likes ipadRupert Murdoch, media mogul and owner of Sky Television and Wall Street Journal among many others, declared that iPad will be a game changer for newspapers. [Seen Pulse newsreader? — Ed.]

Here are samples of his thought about the matter.

It’s a real game changer in the presentation of news.

We will have young people reading newspapers. We will have different looking types of newspapers.

There will be all sorts of things we can do with them.

We have had a very encouraging number of people subscribing at a good price.

But we think we are on the right strategy there and we think it’s going well.

[MySpace] will look very, very different in a few months to what it’s looked for the last few years.

We are going to see it out for some time yet.

(Good. But, will it still suck as of now? And, when will we see an iPad app?)

[via Computerworld]


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