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Get the Green Index with Gardener’s Buddy

4 August 2010 No Comment

gardener's buddy maps and manages your gardenOakville Stamping & Bending announced Gardener’s Buddy 1.0, claiming that is the first plant mapping and recording app for iPad.

The gardener starts creating on a computer a sketch or a map of the garden, to transfer it into the app via iTunes.

The app then generates 25 monthly maps, each with seven planting layers with icon denoting trees, bushes, bulbs, perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables.

Every month the app generates a new map and deletes the oldest record.

Gardener’s Buddy allows for multiple users and has a panply of commands for describing and annotating every useful information needed to plan, plant, document, and maintain the garden.

Moles are not covered by the app tough.

Gardener’s Buddy is available into App Store for $0.99, €0.79.


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