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Snake Oil Seller Calls iPad Owners “Selfish Elitists” and Is Proven Clueless

31 July 2010 No Comment

Dumbasses claiming iPad is for selfish élites are in line with pretty clueless forecastsPsychographic, we can read on MyType Blog, drives preferences and everyday behavior. So intellectuals love the movie Apocalypse Now, innovators like the board game Risk, and extroverts are more likely to drink at Starbucks.

Well, the psychographer on duty – you will know already – stated that iPad users are more likely to be selfish elitists.

And his numbers, wow!, are in line with results from a recent Forrester survey (he writes Forrestor, maybe on behalf of scientific accuracy).

You’ll be delighted to know that Forrester (Sarah crystal-ball Rotman Epps, to be precise; or if Forrestor holds, are we to write Opps?) is the same entity that forecasted three million tablet computer sold in U.S. in 2010.

Apple, alone, sold one million iPads in U.S. in twenty-eight days to sell.

Apple, alone, could outsell Epps by a 5x factor or maybe much more. And she forecasted for the whole industry.

Epps is blatantly clueless about iPad. And Mr. Psychographics has numbers in line with her. Maybe they have to get an iPad before becoming élite. They are currently just selling snake oil.


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