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Intellivision for iPad: the best retrogaming on the most advanced tablet!

21 February 2012 No Comment

intellivisionThere’s nothing like the real thing but… if you’re so unlucky you’ve never owned – or even played – with the original, you’ve got a second chance with this app for iPad.
What are we talking about?
The old, venerable Intellivision video game console back from the 80s and the golden age of videogaming!

This console, introduced in 1980 was the arch-rival and main competitor to the (as venerable) Atari 2600 console and scored 3 million unit sold and some 125 games developed during its 12 years (!) lifespan!

intellivision ipadBesides retrogaming passion, some games are still playable these days so, you may think that three bucks are worth this game app that includes six Intellivision classics: Astrosmash, Chip Shop Golf, Night Stalker, Thin Ice, Thunder Castle and Skiing.

Give yourself a chance to get back in time and feel some original 80′s-fun – you’re just missing the original gamepads!

Intellivision for iPad is available on iTunes for $2.99.


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