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iPads, Robbers, and Dumber Robbers

18 August 2010 No Comment

Robbers tries to steal iPads and gets caughtIf a single iPad is not enough for you, the wrong solution is to smash the windows of an Apple Store and grab as many of them as you can, failing in your attempt.

A bozo tried it at the Salt Lake City retail store and, as The Unofficial Apple Weblog showed in its gallery, was eventually caught by policemen.

iPads are apparently so precious that only good people deserve them.

Memo to Dallas’s Knox Street Apple Store robbers: your freedom clock is ticking. Be smarter and surrender before being arrested. It means less time in prison and a slight sign of intelligence. Did you know that in-store iPhones have flush SIM card trays, without a hole, so that the SIM has to be forced out to be taken and that damages the phone?

Not to speak about tracing, of course. Only imbeciles steal iPhones from an Apple Store. Or in any other place, obviously


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