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As reported by our friends at, Quest for Land, is an extensive photo reportage about land issues in Cambodia by John Vink, a Magnum Photos photographer who has been working on these issues over the last 11 years.
And it’s an iPad app too!
The application developed by Robert Starkweather contains over 700 photographs, texts written by Robert Carmichael, links to reports by various NGO’s and slideshows with sound.

As Vink said in an interview:

I am interested in the digital aspects of photography since over 15 years, when I first started scanning prints and tried to build a database on my Mac. My first digital publishing experience was in 1994 with a CD-Rom I put together with my work on refugees. It combined sound with pictures, it had geographical or thematical access to the photographs, captions, story descriptions, a video interview etc… Nearly all the things you would find on an App today minus the tactile interactivity and the fancy user interfaces. CD-Roms were a dead-end though, and the market collapsed some fifteen years ago. The arrival of the iPad seemed to finally give me the opportunity to pick things up where I left them. The portability, packed with multimedia content, a quality screen, and the increased possibility to be involved in the publication process, as well as the incredible public response to the device are great assets. Hopefully its longevity will be better than for CD-Roms.

Available on iTunes at John Vink.
The app retails at $8.99 / £5.99 / €6.99.

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Not feeling like lining up at an Apple Store for the new iPad?
Walmart‘s 24-hour stores will start selling the least expensive version of it at 12:01 a.m. Friday, eight hours before Apple Stores open around the country.

One version, the 16GB model retailing for $499 will be available (in black or white) for the early purchasers at Walmart.

Ready? Set, go!!!



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Read PDF Books in iBooks on iPadAs far we know, no other major recording artist has done this yet, no other artist has told the story of an album like this before.

Atlantic Records has taken an uncommon approach to using Apple’s iBooks Author — touted as a creation platform that will “reinvent the textbook” — by building an interactive ebook for the band Shinedown‘s next album.

The 75-page iPad ebook will be available March 27, coinciding with the Amaryllis album release. The ebook visually tells the story of the multi-platinum rock band’s new songs, creative process and cover art.

Frontman Brent Smith says the ebook, titled “FOR YOUR SAKE: Inside the Making of Shinedown’s Amaryllis,” revives the complete album experience, which changed when CD booklets and liner notes became less prevalent.

The Shinedown ebook will cost $5.99 and be sold on iBooks 2.

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ipad hdiPad HD showtime
Live from San Francisco!

iPad HD (official name new iPad) Feature list in a nutshell

  • same battery life, 10 hours, as iPad 2
  • same priceline as previous line: $499, $599, and $599
  • 2048×1536 pixel display
  • 264 pixels per inch
  • quad core CPU A5X
  • 5 MP iSight camera (same as iPhone 4)
  • LTE (4G) on some model (available in selected countries of course)
  • can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 44% greater color saturation too

iOS 5.1 announced too!
iMovie and Garageband revisited too!
iPhoto can “beam” photos between iOS devices with a new feature called Photo Beaming.
There’s also a new feature called Photo Journals that lets you share groups of photos with people.
iPhoto lets you do more than the built-in editing tools.
You get “Smart Browsing,” Multi-Touch editing, new effects and brushes.

Epic Games president Mike Capps: says [iPad HD] it has more memory and processing than an XBOX 360.

More info coming soon!

Check here for the new iPad official Apple video.


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ipad hdMarch 7th, San Francisco: Apple is about to present the new iPad HD (more likely) or iPad 3.

What about the rumors about the new features?
Let’s put them together and see what’s feasible and what’s not!

One of the iPhone’s most beloved features is its ultrasharp retina display. And while the iPad 2′s screen is no lightweight, a bump up in pixel density is one of the most hotly anticipated iPad 3 improvements. MacRumors claims to have obtained an iPad 3 display that confirms the bump in resolution. The display is the same size as iPad 1 and 2 screens, but has double the resolution at 2048×1536, with pixels about a quarter the size of the iPad 2′s.

Android tablet displays passed the iPad last summer, and since then have moved into 1080p territory, so it seems far fetched that Apple would put off upgrading the iPad’s screen another year.

It’s extremely unlikely that anything other than a superfast new A6 chip will power the iPad 3, as Bloomberg and others have reported. The main question at this point seems to be whether that A6 will pack quad core power. On one hand, competitors like the Transformer Prime have moved on to quad core chips, and the incredible gaming and HD movie processing heft that upgrade entails. And both BGR and Bloomberg have recently reported that the A6 will indeed be quad core. But for what it’s worth, Apple has shown in the past that it’s willing to stand pat if it feels a spec is more than good enough for the next generation, like it did with the iPad 2′s 512MB of RAM.

Speaking of RAM, if we’re going to take the retina display rumors seriously, it would make sense that the RAM would finally see an upgrade in the iPad 3. The iPad 2′s 512MB, like the iPhone 4S’s, was buffered by the symbiotic relationship between software and hardware. But it stands to reason that the brute force required to push the massive number of pixels a 10-inch retina display would require a memory upgrade. File that under pure speculation.

iLounge cited several sources saying the iPad 3 will have an HD front-facing camera for HD Facetime. This would make a lot of sense, considering that quality front-facing cameras have found their way into phones like the Lumia 900, and people use their tablets for video chat much more than their phones.

It’s worth mentioning here that while many of these hardware upgrade rumors seem inevitable, we thought the same about the whoops-that’s-not-happening-iPhone 5. So keep that enthusiasm curbed until the official announcement.

BGR recently leaked debug screenshots of what it claimed was proof of both that fancy new A6 processor and global 4G LTE, and Japanese blog Macotakara reported similar network details around the same time. Bringing LTE to the iPad before the iPhone would make sense, because the iPad’s larger battery can handle the 4G drain. Then again, a 4G iPad would almost certainly portend a 4G iPhone this summer, and it’s not at all clear that Apple considers the network mature enough to hop on just yet.
A last-minute update from iMore, who’s emerging as a reliable Apple rumor source, is reporting that the iPad 3 will indeed come with LTE.

iOS 6 is still a long way off, but the iPad 3′s software warrants a quick mention because it might be the first non-iPhone 4S Apple product to get Siri, as some details in the iOS 5.1 beta reference the iPad in Siri Dictation.