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Ikea Klamby: the 4 euros (around 5$) iPad stand you’ve been looking for!

10 December 2010 No Comment

Ikea did it again!

Meet Klamby, the “photo-frame-tripod” that almost every iPad has been waiting for!

It fits so perfectly the iPad (shape, size and look) we may well call it iKlamby!

I just got it from the local Ikea and I’m amazed how simple stuff gets the job done: it’s just 3,95 euros (around 5 US $) and outperforms a lot of more expensive solutions.

Tilted at around 26 degrees, it’s great for viewing movies, browsing and … well, everything!

Unboxing the iKlamby


Perfect for landscape browsing…

… great for portrait viewing as well!

Tilting angle? 26°!

Oh, the good news don’t stop here: it’s an Ikea item you won’t have to struggle to build! ;-)


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