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Surfwrite: the (almost) perfect app for iPad users, bloggers and web-writers.

10 October 2010 No Comment

Signs Studios has released Surfwrite, an app that allows a web browser and a rich-text editor run side by side.

This is one of those apps I get addicted to: I’m now able to browse several web pages at once (with tabbed browsing) and, without exiting the app, I’m able to write down reviews, articles, notes or whatever.

The text I’m editing right now (this review!) can be used as a mail attachment (even with on-the-fly PDF conversion) or to update a Twitter or Facebook status.

Surfwrite, IMHO, is a dramatic improvement in my iPad WordPress editing routine: WordPress admin in one tab, web searches and sources in other tabs AND text editing in the Notepad window pane: it’s that easy.

Kudos to the guys behind this app: it’s really cool and it really works fine!

Signs Studios is kind enough to tell us what’s upcoming with the next release of Surfwrite, here are the Notepad features I’m waiting for:

  • Open and save RTF files
  • Send photos to Facebook albums
  • PDF Files works with Windows PC (right now PDFs are Mac-only readable)

These updates will bring Surfwrite to a higher level of app-perfection (again IMHO!).

Check Signs Studios web site or go to Surfwrite on iTunes app store (just for US$ 1.99).


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