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Give Birth to an iPad-based Orchestra with Seline HD and Laugh at Netbook Owners

14 September 2010 No Comment

ipad orchestraThe difference between iPad and netbooks is that you can found iPad Orchestra with the former, and perform Sweet Dream by Ilya Plavunov on four iPads.

iPad Orchestra uses Seline HD, an app by Amidio, which features a new, ergonomically designed playing surface called ioGrid.

With Seline HD, the player can choose among twenty built-in factory voices – flutes, bowed strings, reeds, synth leads and more – and nine drone voices.

Drones do not fly in Seline HD: they are chorded synth pads that are generated on-the-fly via software based on the complex analysis of the melody line.

Seline HD is on sale at US$ 8.99 through the App Store.

[via Macworld]


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