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Live the Poetic Side of Your Life with the iPad Thanks to Poet’s Pad

9 September 2010 No Comment

Poet's Pad Lets You Become a Poet on the iPadWith all this technology at hand, it is easy to forget our humanist side and the whole concept of liberal arts, so called because a master at them could be free and stay free in ancient Rome.

Although far in time, the concept still holds true today: if you want real freedom, cultivate as much literature and arts as you can.

And if you have an iPad at hand, get Poet’s Pad by Dante Vanado Moore. [a nom-de-plume?—Ed.]

Poet’s Pad allows poets to write, arrange, and store poems in one app, and even record vocal ideas and improvisations.

Unique to the app is a emotion-based idea generator, that randomly generates words and phrases after a tap on categories like Love, Hate, Desire, Fear, Hope, and so on. Generated phrase can immediately give inspiration, or be saved on sticky notes for a later use.

A pro poet needs dictionary, thesaurus, and a rhyming dictionary: Poet’s Pad have them.

Poems are written in individual stanzas that can be reordered and arranged at will, and exported via e-mail in written and audio form.

Poet’s Pad would cost US$ 9.99, € 5.49, but poets notoriously live by fame and work for posterity, so the app is offered at an introductory price of US$ 6.99 while supplies last (i.e., for a limited time).

Poet’s Pad is available through the App Store, Lifestyle category. Poetry is a way of life, after all.


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