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iPad is Making it at ‘The Beeb’

3 August 2010 No Comment

BBB begins trials of iPadApple iPad is gaining space and attention at BBC.

British Broadcasting Corporation is trialling the device at various level of the organisation, to see if and at what extent managers and other people inside the company can get rid of their desktop computers.

John Linwood, The Beeb’s Chief Information Officer, says that iPad could be better than a handheld computer in several circumstances [of course. — Ed].

If a support engineer gets called into a studio, it would be handy to have a device where you could look up circuit diagrams or software help files, he said.

One of the goal is to save either money and carbon footprint thanks to paperless meetings.

Sadly, iPad will help to save English forests, but won’t guarantee better TV evenings for Britons anyway.

[via Computing.co.uk]


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